Webmedia Explorer

Webmedia Explorer 5.0.9

Open source CMS which builds web pages out of folders contents


  • No database necessary
  • Object-oriented architecture
  • Fully configurable


  • Requires Apache and PHP, so it may be still a bit difficult for novice users

Very good

Content management systems usually depend on an external database to handle data, which makes them hard to configure. But what if you could use your own local folder structure as database?

This is what you can you with Webmedia Explorer, an alternative CMS that reads the local hard drive on your PC (or the folder structure in a remote server) and generates a website in real time, taking advantage of a powerful data fetching and rendering system.

In this way, Webmedia Explorer helps you create a personal blog, an online media library or a custom portal with categories that correspond to your actual folders and can be conveniently organized by tags. You won't have to deal with complicated database configuration anymore!

Webmedia Explorer is probably the easiest-to-install CMS, and also easier to modify than other systems thanks to an object-oriented architecture. On the downside, notice that this CMS still relies on Apache and requires some basic Apache and PHP tweaking to make it work.

Webmedia Explorer is an easy CMS that doesn't require a third-party database management system and lets you build an online portal based on a simple folder structure.

Webmedia Explorer


Webmedia Explorer 5.0.9

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